Build your Credit Score Without Credit Repair

Hmmm, So you want to raise your credit score and that too without repairing your credit first ?? Ok, we have few tips that you can use but you have to continue practice this trick until you get a result. dont get upset if you see no result in first time credit check after you start using these tips.

From your credit report remove all the errors . There are three major reporting agencies from which you get a free copy of your credit report at every year , these are Equifax , Experian & Trans Union . First of all watch about those mistakes or errors which  need to be corrected . If you have  any knowledge about stolen problems they would show up here , so there become a need to correct the errors or mistakes . On your credit report there is the possibility of wrong information , but this is not very usual . 

Pay  your pending bills, this is very important to high up your credit score according to Experian . To raise your score is main & best tool you have but it take time & makes effects on your credit score if you will pay all the credit on time in long time . 

Low down your credit card debt . It is warning to potential lenders  when you have a very high credit ratio of your debt . The limit of your debt is near about 20 % of your income that is recommended . Your debt is under control if you give your credit continuously and never try to mix your credit cards out in routine . You should continue to correct it & should not close out the cards , because this ratio is very important . This all make good effect on your credit record because it low down chances to not  open revolving accounts , which are responsible for down your credit goal . There are closing card which also down the amount of credit which you have paid & it may also down your credit score . 

The balances which is movable around you, avoid it . The balances can be show on credit report when they moved . By paying your debts which could  create trouble that it shows look like or you are eligible to have new credit cards - both these create potential problem to lenders . It is better to pay down your debt rather than to move it around suggested by FICO