Cheapest Way to Fast Credit Repair

In the way of charging fee , there are several companies which can help you to repair your credit very fast . you can have their services immediately , but it is a costly way to repair your credit fast . So it is advisable the best way to repair your credit yourself instead of with the help of these companies . 

Equifax, Experian, TransUnion which are three credit reporting bureaus help American consumers to maintain data & send important knowledge about you . FTC which handles consumer credit , create a credit report which gives knowledge about your residence , in which way you pay bills & information about you sued or arrested or not eligible for bankruptcy etc .From each of abovementioned three companies you will get a free copy of their credit report every year according to FCRA .According to advocates of consumer you can get report from each & compare the mentioned accuracy of  each & send notice  to credit bureau if you notice a mistake there . Mistakes can down your credit score . According to consumer report “Consumer. Find some 13 millions incorrections on their credit report every year . All Websites are not permitted to give these reports free . One & only  Website i.e which allows you for having a free copy . 
There is the same site which offer free reports by paying a fee of $8  & also it has the facility of credit score available . to improve your credit score.You see it will use as a benchmark .   
If you want a clear & healthy picture & want to know what is going on , then do the following steps to repair the credit card :- first payments of all bills on time , the pending credit card balance , pay off personal loan , compel the creditors for invisible bills.Your score become down if you keep your present account open as close.With the help of FICO score used by Experian,TransUnion & Equifax to mention credit score you can  familiarize yourself . For example: For. your FICO score, there are five categories of credit data available at my FICO .com out lines which are : Payment history(35%) , amounts owed(30%) , length history(15%) , new credit (10%) kinds of credit used (10%) . you should pay to get copies of your report & scores within three to six month after improving your score , you should watch a strong improvement , a clean picture of your credit report that make the process of credit repair very fast & in cheap way