Credit Repair Kit Do it Yourself

If you dont want to pay to credit repair company, and want to repair your credit by yourself, here are few strategies or tips that your can use. we call it as credit repair kit - to repair your credit by yourself. 

Latest copies of your credit reports is the foremost & very important thing in doing the credit repair  kit by yourself. . You can request to Transunoin , Equifax & Experian every year for a free a copy of credit report which is permitted way for having the credit report at no cost & no permission is required from official website . These websites send you the knowledge of necessary things in your kit . 

The next thing is to make a list of negative items & information ,the things which  you are not sure about,  want to ask questions about them , you can use credit report for it . To give challenge about these item is most important part of your credit repair process . The information must be clear from report which shows such items which are not correct & credit bureau is not able to solve them with the creditor . Here is a example of incorrect & not verifiable items . i..e if you have old bill with a company which leave the business or became a part of another company,. you have the right to dispute that as well . 
For matching the list of adverse items , make list of reasons for dispute . 
There is a long & large list for variety of reasons of disputing as per Credit Info Center . these are following :-
  1. Not your account 
  2. Incorrect date for late payment
  3. Wrong account no . 
  4. Wrong amount , balance ,credit limit 
  5. Incorrect creditor name 
  6. Wrong last activity date 
  7. False  charge-off date
  8. Inaccurate account status
  9. Wrong high Credit amount


To repair your credit , you will need to file disputes. you should have a dispute based letter which can be used for specific disputes & each bureau can use it .if the items are incorrect & cannot be solved then you can file a dispute against it .

In your letter  you can say the following :

Dear ( Credit Bureau) ; I am mentioning the following items on my credit report ;(Item) , (Reason for dispute) (Item) , on each of the credit bureau website you can use this format . They will investigate your claims & send you the results  after 90 days of recheck. Your credit report you must be sure about the wrong & unspecified items should have been cleared .