Federal Law Prohibit Charging for Credit Repair Services or NOT ?

Lets discuss if the Federal Law Prohibit Charging for Credit Repair Services or NOT. many people have different views about this but lets dig deeper about this.

To advertise , provide & obtain payment for credit maintenance services there are many credit repair companies who must follow the procedures which  are mentioned in the Credit Repair Act . These agencies charge for their services when ever you go through for any law facility , a contract which is signed by the consumer & all rights are mentioned in it  and they should go through them particularly.

The Credit Repair services have no right to get charges from the customers for a time the services have been rendered but the facility to charge for credit repair service is allowed for business through federal law . You can cancel the contract with in three days without paying any fee as federal law gives this facility to CRO .  
Its important that While making a contract CRA must mention about their facilities & their charges  in contract. whereas It must also  mention about the cost which  the customers has to pay  for service and which are free. Other things like service guarantees , completion date & the right of customer to cancel the contract should be conveyed clearly so that customer knows it before hand.