Get Fast and Free Credit Report

So, you need to see your credit report as fast as possible ?? not a problem. I have a quick way that i want to discuss on how to get a free credit report fast as possible.


> First of all Click the drop-down menu in the Annual Credit Report website to choose your State you live in. Click "Request Report." 

> Input all the  requested information. Here you need to provide your name, social security number, birth date and current address. When finished with all this Click "Continue". 

> The company from which you want to receive your score click the check box next to it. You are allowed to choose all three, if desired.  Click "Next" twice.  Now you will be directed to one of the reporting company's websites. 

> You need to answer the security questions given to you. These questions may include about previous loans you have taken out, or where you have lived  then Click "Continue." 

> You can view your credit report from the reporting company.  Print out the page for future reference  or write the information down.