Get a Free Annual Credit Report approved by Fedral Government

Get the Registration form completely filled.
To fill the general registration page visit After completing this step there is no need to fill out the forms for all the 3 credit reporting companies. Autofill tool is used by these companies to fill the forms and save your time.

* You should select the type of the credit report. As soon as you are registered, the very next page will give you a choice of choosing any of  3 credit report companies. You can hace all the three (Experian, Equifax, Transunion) without any charge. And in order to run the next you only need to go back to the original Annual Credit Report page.
* Make sure to print your Reports. You have to print the page as well as your account number, with each of the 3 credit report results.As the results are available for maximum of 30 daysfor most of the free credit report companies,you should use your own records to print the page.