Get a Free Credit Report Instantly

You can access your free credit report through different ways. If you have Internet access just logon to (see Resources below). This website is the only legitmate, authorized website that will provide you the complete information. Or the required brochures can also be had  from The Federal Trade Commission by calling (877) 322-8228 or mailing a request to the Annual Credit Report Request Service at P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348-5281. 

 Even  if you've been denied a loan, insurance policy or job due to your credit score, or if you're availing any unemployment benefits or other public assistance, or if you reside in one of the seven states that offer free credit reports from each agency, you're still eligible for a free credit report.

There are some sites that promises free credit reports but actually charge for them. One should beware of these scam sites. Surprisingly there are around 100s of such scam sites,  many of these are rarther sponsored by the three agencies in an attempt for them to collect fees for reports which would otherwise be free if ordered through the authorized site. 
There are some entities that are authorized to monitor customers who write bad checks, like the Medical Information Bureau, First Advantage Saferent for tenant history and Chexsystems.