Get an Online Credit Score Report from a Reputable Website

> Always keep your credit card in your wallet.  You should never give your credit card information to a website. If they have your credit card, they are going to charge you for  something. There are some sites  which may enroll you in a 'credit protection plan' costing as much as $15 a month without your express permission.  A free online credit score report is need to be generated by all the reputable websites on your name, address,date of birth and social security number. 

> To verify your identity ,be prepared to answer security questions. Some  common questions include which bank holds the mortgage to your home, the amount of the mortgage and other financial information. You need  not provide this information as the credit agencies already have it, the only purpose of asking all this is to verify your genine identity. 

>You should know that the three major credit reporting agencies, Experian, Equifax, and Transunion together maintain a website where consumers can get an online credit score report for free every year. All the links of the website  can be found in the Resources section further below.