Guidelines for using Credit Repair Services

People usually visit Credit Repair services when they want to get their credit score to be repaired and raised as soon as possible. There is no bad thing about using their services but lets discuss few guidelines and keep them in your mind before start using their services.

First of all keep one thing mind that Credit repair company’s personnel will not require any amount from you till services are provided. As per guidelines any person who ask you payment prior to start of services is a fraud. It is suggested that if you are not satisfied with the services provided you must not pay for it. There is a agency called FTC to whom you can report if any Service provider ask payment prior to services rendered.

The repair agency must chart out a list of your rights in relation to its improvement and send to you including what services are provided free of cost. To illustrate, a genuine agency should convey that you have a right to get a report free of cost one time in a year from each of 3 Bureaus and also you have a right to get supplementary free report if you are turned down for credit.

There is no provision to delete negative information from your past record it is accurate and in time. To illustrate, if you sue for insolvency under chapter 7 in the previous 7 years ,nobody can delete it from your record. So, it is for sure that no credit bureaus can claim that it can delete all negative information from your record in spite of its correctness or time period.

As per the guidelines of FTC even though you do any illegal activity on implication of Credit repair agency to improve your credit, you have to pay federal charges imposed by FTC. So, be sure of these services that suggest you to dispute bad things on your record whether it is appropriate or not, or it may offer to have an new Social Security no. or any ID for sake of faking your record.