How to Get All 3 Credit Scores

Getting all of your 3 scores is so much easy. just follow these instructions in our expert advice and you will get your credit score from all 3 agencies in email or by post and delivered at your address.

There are some instructions needs to follow to get all 3 Credit Scores.

1. Visit the
2. Click on "start free trial" button in the middle of the page. you must have valid credit or debit card to pay for the credit scores.
   this is the best method to receive all three credit scores because charge $14.95 for one FICO score and $44.85 for all three scores.
3. There are three U.S. credit reporing agencies i.e. Equifax,Experion and TransUnion. the Federal Citizens Information says that or are the best websites to get credit scores which provide consumers one free credit report per year.
4. Fill out the personal information form on site. After completing this form, you can get information from each credit reporting company's website. To do this, simple place check mark on each credit reporting agency that you want to visit. Each website provide a personal or business FICO for a fee. you can choose the option that you want.
5. if you refuse credit for any reason you can get a credit report free of cost. when the consumer do not demand for a credit score these reports do not include credit score and there is a fee for the score. you can send report through U.S. mail if you do not want to obtain information on the web. according to free credit report will be sent to you within 15 days after receiving your request through phone or mail. the FCIC suggest to contact each credit reporting unit outside of two websites because of contractual agreement.
6. Be careful because credit score dissent according to the agency. the consumer may also differ from the score who buy credit scoring by businesses and issue individually. credit scoring helps in business to take good financial decisions. your score can also create difference between to obtain a low interest rate loan, a high interest rate loan or no loan at all.