How to Get a Free Credit Score

You can visit online to AnnualCreditReport's website.From this website, You can ask for all three credit scores without paying any cost.

 To get a free credit score, First You have to choose state of residence and then click on the button labeled "Request Report." You will be directly asked for various types of information, including your social securirt number and address.
After that finish the procedure of identity verification simple by giving answer to the following question about your credit history. if the website is not able to check your identity then you will be asked to submit ratification of your identity through the mail. if the website have some issue with your identity, do not think that you have some trouble with your credit report.Because the verification process is automated, this process may need a person to see your confirmation.
Examine your each score and check credit reports. The information you acquire against your own financial records must be verified. if you find any kind of error with the particular credit reporing agency then list that error on your credit score. Every company keeps an dispute submission website online and permit you to check the develpoment of a dispute online.