How to Get a free Credit Report

You need to acertain if you meet any of the following criteria :

* At present you are unemployed and planning to get employed within 60 days;

* You are living on welfare

* That you are sure of some mistake in your credit file because of some fraud

* You can produce the facts that you have been denied of any credit, insurance, employment or any rental housing based on the facts in your credit file

* You can prove that you have been gone through some “unfavourable action” as reduction in the credit line or a sudden hike in interest rates on the credit card

* If you meet any of the above given criterias, you definitely qualify for a free credit report

* You are requested to contact any of the three credit bureaus for free report. There are different guidelines of each bureau to order free reports. If at all you feel that your situation is complicated  and need any clarification you can call toll-free number that is provided by the bureau

* You are requested to consult the Fair Credit Reporting Act ( in case of any queries regarding your legal rights.