How to Obtain your Credit Score online or by post

>First of all you need to understand how your credit score (called a FICO score, as it's scored by software copyrighted by Fair Isaac Company) is assigned. 

* Whatever Amount you owed makes up to 30% of your score
* Your Payment history is responsible for  35% of your score
* Your Length of credit history is another 15% of your score.
* Various Types of credit used and various Number of new accounts each make up 10% of your score.
> To receive your FICO score for free you need to  log on to the website..  First you need to sign up for a trial account and opt for billing information. You also have  the option to cancel your  trial account before completion of 30 days avoid charges.This is up to you.
> You can sign up in the sites listed under Resources for a free trial of Score Watch, a scoring program partnered with Equifax. 
>You can also get a trial offer for 30 days  to ncheck your score of True Credit, Transunion's scoring partner at either of the related sites under Resources. 
> Credit Expert in partnership with Experian offers a free 30 days trial period to watch your credit. 

>  To avoid paying the monthly or annual fee you can cancel your subscriptions before the first 30 days has expired. You can cancel your trial period by just visiting the respective site you used  to sign up for your trial offer.  To cancel your account sign in to your account using your login and password, and follow the instructions.