How to Remove your Name from Bad Credit Report

So your name is in bad credit and you want to remove it ?? No Problem we can help you in removing your name from bad credit and also guide you how to repair your credit so that your credit score grows in the mean time while you are busy in repairing it.

For quite sure that all the three agencies have the same information get it from all the three credit reporting agencies. The creditors assurance is very important that they get the same knowledge from all these agencies.  

The entries which include wrong information on your report, first recognize these entries & check how old this information is & whether the information is right. The consumer agencies may report from the date the event happen up to seven years. The time period in which bankruptcy may be reported is for 10 years. 

The disputing matters of any items notify by the reporting agency must be in written & attach the copies of such documents which prove helpful in your dispute. To investigate about any items, these agencies are obligated & on the basis of your information from the company you are disputing, make claim documents, the agencies will make a determination.  

If the reporting agencies cannot success to satisfy you to resolve a claim which is in written about the information which you notice that it is not right & a fraud. inform to the complaint department of the creditor listed on your reports. The reporting agencies  include a statement about dispute based on items which is not solved & for credit inquiries in the future to old companies in their decisions to make your statement available. 

You must be sure that the right information is shown on your credit report when the matter is resolved,  for it follow up with the reporting agencies. To give an updated report to any one in the time period of half  year  you applied for credit, you can request to the agency.