How to Repair Your Credit Report Fast

People suggest hundreds of things online to Repair your credit report and no body know if it works or not, but is there any way to make sure if you start Repairing your Credit and it works ?? Lets discuss How to Repair your Credit Report Fast and easily in less to less time and make sure it works.

Go through your latest credit report & mark up all of your credit card statements. Make a note of your current balance and note your credit limit.

Note the amount by multiplying your credit limit by 20. Take a illustration, Press 500 on the calculator as if your credit limit is 500$ ,enter “X”, then press .20, then enter “=”. It will calculate 100$. Amount. It means it equal to 20% of credit limit.
To meet credit card agencies you dial customer care and ask about report date that was sent to credit bureaus. Then note this date for every credit card account.
Follow the above mentioned step to calculate amount and pay amount to credit card company so that your balance could be declined. As per above example if your credit limit is 500$ , lower your balance by 100$. Try to lower your balance as far as possible if you could not reduce it to 20% of credit limit. Because to raise your rating your balance must low. Pay your money before the time credit card accompany send it reports to credit bureaus.
When credit agencies send its reports to three credit bureaus examine your reports and ratings. The rating will high up by making the updated balances. To maintain your credit rating and report, it may be a day or maximum up to 30 days as the credit card companies reports to bureaus once  a month only.