How to Report Rent payment to credit bureaus

Meet with your owner & request her to report each of the three credit bureaus , TransUnion , Experian & Equifax about your rent installments . It is necessary for owners of the houses to mention all information of daily reports to the credit bureaus as business . In this way it is very helpful for future reporting .Large owners almost have in advance an account with bureaus.

These rich owners make use of the system to report evictions & other matters . You should offer to pay the subscription not permanent to her to appreciate her to follow  your request . 

For raising your credit rating always pay your rent every month on time .

To quite sure about that your payments are be reported in proper way , you can request to each bureau for getting copies of your credit report . They will appreciate for your nice payment attitude & if you have not got any money in the past , this will be very helpful in your credit history . In future when you apply for house , payment record will prove very helpful to your work .