How to Repair Your Credit by YOURSELF

Ok, I got you, You have a Bad Credit and you dont want to pay to professional Credit Repair Companies to repair it. Right ? here are few tips to Repair your Credit  YOURSELF in very less to less time. 

There are three big reporting agencies Experian , Trans Union , Equifax to have a copy of your credit report . Through a copy of credit report you have the knowledge that from where  you need to start the settlement of the old account & about the work which is done by your creditors . On every account on your report please write down all the contact names & phone no’s  for next report , by this way it became very  easy to know who want to talk with you & how to reach the company whose number may be used . You can get this knowledge from your bill or website of the respected credit bureau. There is facility to call the main customer service whenever you have not a contact name & say than for the contact which is good for you . 

For requesting payment, a plan related with payment, write a letter to all of your creditors or give knowledge  about your interest  to pay . Almost all creditors want to get their money back & they wanted to work with your at cleaning up your credit
Offer bigger creditors to a payment scheme which is very reasonable . In every month come up with affordable amount & offer to start give shortest payments to wipe out your debt
For short accounts require for a settlement on moderate . To illustrate: The company wanted to take a loan of $ 750 if you owe $ 1,500 on an old credit card & also want that this payment do at once . Ask for the settlement letter in written if they agree about settlement amount , so they can’t make claim for the money which you still owe . 
Monitor your credit report nearby . Send a request to the company & credit bureaus as you pay off accounts. To show your new status to update your account by paying it . It is in your hand to stand on top of them about it .