How to do Personal Credit Repair

You should order to Experian, Equifax & Trans Union which are the three big bureaus related with credit agencies for having the copy of credit report . With the help of these copies you can have  knowledge about  what factor helps in raising the credit score & other  to down the credit score . Other way to receive the copy is to take help a website  run by the government  viz. Annul credit credit bureau who can give a copy of credit report .The lenders who gave you credit currently , must have copy of credit report ,you can have it from him/her . 

Find out which factors are responsible to down your credit score . For it repeat & look after your credit report very briefly .These factors are mostly in the shape of public record like bankruptcy , it could be a collection , judgement or tax lien & charge off or late payment etc.These all factors are very harmful for credit score & you should have to repair it . 
There are many things which are doubtful & you must have a full inquiry about it. You can write a dispute letter to Experian , Equifax & Trans Union the three major bureaus. Do not go through only about negative things , because with negativity your behavior become very suspicious. So think about the first & most important reasons which are responsible for declining of the credit score . 
You could send E-mail letter about disputing matters to Bureaus viz. Experian , Equifax & Trans Union . The credit bureaus will investigate your accounts with the original creditors & clear all the negative things from your credit report with in 30 days . After inquiry you should receive a credit report from credit bureau which will show that accounts become investigated or have been removed .  
You have to wait for the time period of 60 days for every dispute cycle . For clearance of all the negativity from credit report you should have a necessity to not stop the dispute procedure . This procedure cannot give a surety for clearness of negative things , because it all depends on the creditor that he verify the negative things or not from your credit report. If the negative items are not yours & not too old & paid off , then the negativity of items are most probably removed . 
Some times your things could not be verified due to  some reasons , then it can be cleared .