How to get Free Credit Report

If you order a Credit report, it cost $5 - $10 but if your situation meets any of these criterias, you might get it  free from any of these 3 credit bureaus.


 1. check the following list of situations if you meet any of them .

2. You are getting benefit from welfare.

3. You are unemployed and looking for job and expecting to start in sixty days.

4. if you have been denied credit, employment or accomodation just on the basis of information in your credit report.

5. You are sure that something wrong with your credit report due to fraud.

6. If you have got reduction in credit line or unexpected increase in interest rate.

7. If you fall into any of these criterias above, you are eligible for free credit report.

You can use this link to get free credit report. or get more information about how to get credit report free of cost here.