How to get a Free Monthly Credit Scores

> If you really need to get a free monthly credit score, you need to apply for Sears Master Card online. Its one of the best way to get free credit score every month. 

> If you have a good credit history you will get approved instantly. And if there are some problems you will be contacted by sears for additional documentation 
> Your credit card will  reach you via mail in few days. 
> An other way is to  sigh up online access. 
> After login go to your account activity page and click on the link 'Get your credit score now'. You will be directed  to the page saying 'You are leaving a Citibank Website’ and then you will be reach the website which is operated by Credit Karma Inc'.  You will find a  link 'Yes take me to the site'.  Click on this link. You will see a  short online form.  Fill it completely.  Submit after filling the form and you will get an instant access to your credit score. Here you can also have a look at your Creditworthiness Ranking, National percentile and your Credit Score Report Card, graphically. All this  come to you  for FREE.