How to write a Credit Repair Letter to 3 Bureaus

Finally, you found the errors in credit report and you want to write letter to fix them. Great, here are few tips that you can use to write letter to all 3 bureaus to get quick response.

The second step is to fix your credit by writing letters but before it you have to get a copy of your credit report on time. What you want to do & all negative marks should be  highlighted on your report is the first step which  you will do . 

You will want to send a copy to both of the bureau that reported it & company that give negative remark is about when you write your letter . In the letter there are some information that you state about the bureau, then is date it was posted , the company  who lost it & what item was posted & why it is not right . In the letter this all will be submitted in the introduction & structure of the letter . 

You will want to correct the information which both companies want to do & give suggestions at the closing of your letter . They  will give  response of your request or clear it with in 30 days according to law but the condition is that you make sure to mention all this in letter 

For negative marks which are on your credit report repeat the steps 1 to 3 . 

Send a follow up a letter , if you donot have any from anyone . In the second letter you must mentioned all which you wrotein first letter & you also know that the clearance of negative things & want to have a copy of your credit report.