Pull your credit score for free

>> To get your  free credit score you need to sign up for an account with Credit Karma or SpendOnLife.com

>> After creating your username and secure password for your account,   continue to the next step.

>> Input all your necessary details like your full name, physical address and previous addresses, e-mail, telephone number, and Social Security number. To gain access to your credit records and to verify your identity you need a Social Security number. 

>> Now after completing all this Submit your application. From the main page Click "View Credit Score".

>>  You can visit a local bank or mortgage broker for applying for a car, home or personal loan.

>> Input all  your personal details on the loan application. The nature of these details may vary, but normally  these include your full name, employment information, physical address and previous address, Social Security number and contact details.

>> After your loan has been processed you can request to view your credit ratings. A printout of your credit score will be provided by the loan officers upon request. T is advised that the agency or bureau, the lender uses to retrieve your credit score, varies.