Repair Your Credit Report Due to Child Support

Take out your credit report  for knowledge of any pending child support on your credit reports. You can order  each of three credit agencies (Transunion, Equifax, Experian) for a copy of credit report

In your state you should go in touch of social agency. If any pending child support is shown on your credit report , meet the social service agency of the state . You can get the knowledge from credit report . 
Do efforts to pay your pending child support . If you have payment arrangement,to pay off your outstanding child support amount ask the social service agency .You should  have a written copy of arrangements from social service when the process of payment arrangements have done &  whenever you pay support payment confirm that overdue support from your credit report is cleared. 
Take out the credit report . To collect a copy of credit report , you can  use phone , fax, online ask to each of three credit reporting agencies (TransUnion , Experian , Equifax
Watch the credit report again . For showing the overdue child support as negative thing  watch the each credit report very carefully, if the pending child support become visible , but you cannot clear it & if you give the overdue child support,only then you are eligible to dispute item . 
For dispute about overdue child support first read all the instructions for all credit agency carefully to know how to make you are eligible for incorrect item & then give a start to the process of clearing the items which are incorrect from the credit report. In this process the credit agency want the proof of child support payment cancelled cheques or a letter which social agency send