Starting a Credit Repair Business

So, if you are determined and made up your mind to start this phenomenal business of Credit repair and provide a valuable service to bad credit people. you need to go through basic steps. For instance, Initially you have to  take knowlege about the facilities which credit repair agencies give to customers by law. For this get a xerox of the Credit Repair Organization Act which FTC website provides.

In 1996 this act is passed  to safeguard  people from credit repair agencies. According to FTC it gives some ethical services & also give free copies of their credit reports , have a chit chat with customers about financial literacy & clear the wrong information in the credit report by writing letters to the nation wide credit bureaus on their behalf . 

For additional information use FTC website & if you want to learn about legal offer you must know the services of CRA .It is the duty of CRA to tell their customers that they have a right to repair own credit before signing  a contract & charging them . On behalf of any reason you can cancel the contract with in three working day . You have no right to claim which could not be created by law viz. do a promise to clear judgments instantly, liens & bankruptcy which is mentioned in customer’s credit report .   
As  you open business  give advertisement for customers. Before starting  you should have full legal knowledge & ethical necessities mentioned by FTC  for it name & structure which is the base of your business .