What is Credit Repair

Wondering about what is credit repair ? and how it can effect you and beneficial for you ? No Problem lets discuss in few points about what is credit repair and how it can effect positively if you stick with these points.

Person with a  FICO score of 720 or more than that  get financial services like mortgages on home or vehicle etc. at very  lower rates .To remove bad score you can take help of credit repair firm . After they know all about your credit financial position & credit  then take effort to improve it .

To receive your credit reports or ask credit repair agency to have it , you can get it from three credit reporting bureaus , which are working at national level . In the reports , there are many things mentioned like, in which place is your residence ,in which way you will pay your bills, your pending payments or law cases which are against you in the past year etc. Have you ever been lodged for bankruptcy or had been arrested ? Check your repast again  if you see any wrong things in it then write to the bureau & make a dispute about  them . 

You need to Improve your credit score as soon as possible. Close the unused credit cards & pay all the balances immediately. Interest & fines will be charged on them continue if the balances are low . First close the new  card because closing credit cards make effect on credit score .In this way the longer credit history still remain with the older cards. Also if delayed payment makes bad effect on your record, meet financers and then again make loan at lower EMI. 

I personally believe you dont need to stop until your credit record become good.  Keep up  with all the efforts which are positive for your credit history . If you paid your auto loan immediately you must do it regularly . If you have all of your past accounts & improve your credit score then you are eligible to open a new account & pay it on time .   

On the time of evaluation of proposals from credit repair agencies be careful because most of agencies going through the fraud scheme by saying the customers for have new identity  . If you involved by this fraud & are caught then the legal action can be done against you .